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Our Hong Kong and Singapore based experts will help get your event set-up and selling tickets
  • Guided set-up process, with ongoing support (team is fluent in Cantonese and English)
  • Dedicated event sale page in English and Chinese
  • Affordable and straightforward pricing
  • Robust and reliable checkout process
  • All major payment options accepted
  • Safe and secure system

Manage and enhance your ticket sales

Review ticket sale trends and access sales and customer data in real-time
  • Stay on top of your sales with real-time sales data
  • English and Chinese fluent customer support, for you and your customers
  • Powerful insights to help you grow your event, including audience data
  • Extend your event’s reach to tickelo’s extensive database via EDM and social media
  • Free iOS and Android app makes entry-management easy

All the features your event needs to sell tickets

tickelo handles all the hassles of selling tickets, perfect for small and large events alike
  • Theatre – Marked seated tickets
  • Concerts – Zoned tickets and easy door management
  • Festivals – Multiple ticket types and RFID integration
  • Workshops & Classes – Customisable registration forms
  • Sports – Customisable promo code distribution